Acquire knowledge through immersion.

I’m a student

I crave an adventure. I learn best by doing, seeing and experiencing the world first-hand.

I’m a teacher

I want to teach my students in an immersive environment, learning from their international peers.

I’m a school

My school’s mission emphasizes global citizenship, and I want my students to realize this goal in another culture.

I’m a parent

I want to prepare my child for a globalized world with a trusted partner who will keep my child safe abroad.


Immersive Learning

Homestay Experiences

School Partnerships

Lifestyle and Culture

Our programs don’t just show students another culture. We invite participants to live in it for the short time they’re abroad. Our homestay programs provide the invaluable opportunity to learn about another family’s lifestyle by joining them in their home. We leverage school partnerships too, allowing students from distinct cultures to learn together in global classrooms.

Customizable Tours

Global Travel Partners

Matching Educational Missions

International Expertise

Our robust network of school partnerships and global travel partners allow us to design custom programs. Whether it’s a language immersion program in Costa Rica, or an experiential learning experience in China, our Tour Coordinators can create the perfect tour to fit your school’s educational needs. We leverage the expertise of The Cambridge Network of international education companies to serve thousands international students and families worldwide.

Global ________

Many of my friends have studied in different countries like me. Whenever we talk about studying abroad, I see that we’re tough and creative. Anywhere, in any circumstance, we can overcome any difficulty, however great.